• Box Turnstile

    Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘ t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
  • Barrier Gate

    Integrative machine core, all parts is made by mold, so all parts can be more accurate and so the barrier gate could be much more stable.
  • Hotel Lock

    Material stainless steel,5-Latch American standard lock case (ANSI)
  • Middle Range Reader

    1m proximity distance reader (Erfid08Z)
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Reader RFID Jarak Jauh

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Reader RFID Jarak Jauh

Long Range Reader



101T Long Range Card Reader Data Sheet




101T Long Range Card Reader adopts the latest wireless technology design which has advanced technology and stable performance. It is mainly used as auxiliary equipment for the controller which has wiegand input interface with an effective distance of 10 to15m. It characterizes in advanced technology, exquisite and smart appearance, quick response, long-distance, low power consumption, lightning protection, stable performance and so on.


This product is equipped with a wireless receiver & sender on 2.4G frequency and a wireless receiving & sending module with the core of 8051. The module is designed for all kinds of wireless devices, works on ISM (Industry, science and medicine) frequency. There are 125 frequency point for the unit, can work as point to point, point to multi-points wireless communication, meantime you can change the frequency range to avoid disturbing. The maximum transmission velocity of the unit would be 1M bit/S, and maximum transmission power is 0 dBm. The sensitive rate of the module is -90dBm, working voltage is 1.9v--3.6v, environmental temperature is -40--+80 C.


  Performance Parameters


*Dimensions: L115mm×W75mm×H21mm


*Weight: 0.25kg;


*Color: Grey-black, white, silver-grey and so on


*Power: DC 9 to12V


*Less than 20mA Quiescent Currentstandby), Less than 30mA Dynamic Currentreading cards


*Frequency: 2.4GHz


*Distance: 1015m (depending on operating environment);


*Output format: standard Wigand (26/36//34/44BIT available) RS232 output; *Transmission distance; wiegand≤200M; RS232C≤15M;


*Protective measures: Anti-protect fuse, photovoltaic seclusion protection.

*Ambient Temperature: storage temperature:40~+85,

*operating temperature:20~+60;

*Relative humidity: 0%~90, PCB 100 damp-proof treatment;

*Status indication: the indicator is red when in standby and green while working.

Installation and Wiring Description of 101T (Wigand Output) 

Definition for Wiring of 7-PIN Soc

Wire Color

Signal Definition



12V  Power Positive

Input Range:9-12VDC


GND  12V Power Negative

Input Range:9-12VDC



Weigand Output When Close Successfully




Orange Purple

Read card control wire  GND



 101TC Long Range Card Data Sheet

Performance Parameters:




Power supply4 units standard CR2032 cell button batteryLasting 1 year;

Read distance315mBased on the working environment);

Unique Card No.

With functions of standard induction card

Working temperatureStorage temperature 40~+80Working temperature20~+60

Relative humidity5%~98%,100moisture proof

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