• Box Turnstile

    Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘ t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
  • Barrier Gate

    Integrative machine core, all parts is made by mold, so all parts can be more accurate and so the barrier gate could be much more stable.
  • Hotel Lock

    Material stainless steel,5-Latch American standard lock case (ANSI)
  • Middle Range Reader

    1m proximity distance reader (Erfid08Z)
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EM Lock

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EL Lock Kunci Elektrik atau Electric Lock type Electromagnetic Lock (EM Lock)

Product characteristic
Easy to install/Strong Electromagnetic
No noise/Have protection function
Durable/No surplus magnet
No machinery breakdown
Have information feedback
Special wire used ,can work in the temperature -65℃~+200℃.
Resist strong acid ,alkali and durable

Can be used with the Building talkbacks and access control system
Especially for flee-away and fire door
Electric performance:
voltage :12VDC 、 24VDC
power consumed: 3.3w 5.5w
Supply current : 0.27A 0.46A
fire door 0.46A ; ordinary door 0.27A
Temperature :-40℃~+50℃
mode specifications : hanging type with double joint, hanging type, embed
Lifespan: 26,500 hours one year warranty
Type: 150kgs,280kgs ,500kgs
Holding Force: 280kgs

Whatsapp: +628123158767 juga bisa visit www.autodoorgate.co.id

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