• Box Turnstile

    Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘ t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
  • Barrier Gate

    Integrative machine core, all parts is made by mold, so all parts can be more accurate and so the barrier gate could be much more stable.
  • Hotel Lock

    Material stainless steel,5-Latch American standard lock case (ANSI)
  • Middle Range Reader

    1m proximity distance reader (Erfid08Z)
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Flap Barrier

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Flap Barrier


Spesifikasi teknis dari Pintu Flap Barrier sebagai berikut:

Introduction: Flap turnstile has standard electrical interface which can be connected with ID cards, IC cards, magnetic cards, barcode cards etc. The integration system ensures passing in order and will never allow unauthorized persons to go in or go out. Parameters:
1. Power Supply: AC220V± 10V , 50Hz / AC110V± 10V , 60Hz
2. Power Consumption: 100W/ 24V
3. Temperature: -15 to 60 degrees
4. Humidity: 10mA
9. Communication Interface: RS485 ( Distance: < = 1200m)
10. Material: Housing - 304 stainless steel Arm – Plexiglass
11. Housing Dimension: 1200* 280* 990mm
12. Arm Length: 260mm
13. Working Environment: Indoors or outdoors with shed
Main Functions 1. Problem-self-checking function. 2. Arm Turning: Bi-direction 3. When power off, arm open automatically and power on again, arm will be held automatically. 4. When valid card read and passenger passed, arm can be delayed to close from 1-60s which can be set in the control panel. 5. Auto-reposition function: After card read, passenger doesn’ t pass within regulated time, turnstile will cancel order automatically. And the regulated time can be set by managers. 6. Anti-rush function: if there is no open single, arm will be holding tightly. 7. Stable running with little noise.

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