• Box Turnstile

    Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘ t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
  • Barrier Gate

    Integrative machine core, all parts is made by mold, so all parts can be more accurate and so the barrier gate could be much more stable.
  • Hotel Lock

    Material stainless steel,5-Latch American standard lock case (ANSI)
  • Middle Range Reader

    1m proximity distance reader (Erfid08Z)
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Access Lift

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Access Lift

Akses Lift

Elevator Controller

Adel Elevator Controller

Lift Controller

Access Lift yang biasa digunakan untuk Hotel, Gedung dan Apartment. Access lift Ini kami kategorikan sebagai Access Lift dengan Specific Floor, maksudnya jika tamu atau penghuni check-in atau tinggal di kamar 505 maka kartu access hanya bisa digunakan untuk lantai 5 sehingga tidak semua orang yang memegang kartu bisa menuju ke semua lantai yang ada. Hal ini dimaksudkan agar hotel atau apartment aman dari tamu-tamu yang tidak berkepentingan. Access Lift atau biasa disebut Elevator Controller dengan spesifikasi sebagai berikut:






Main Control Board Input Voltage

Elevator Controller Main Control Board Input Voltage




Operating Current

MAX. Operating Current of Elevator Controller




Number of floors controlled

A controller can control the number of floors

16 floors

A90:Maximum floor extension  255

D81:Maximum floor extension  79




Contact Resistance


One contact on/off resistance

On  resistance<5Ω

off  resistance>10MΩ;


Contact Rating

Contact can withstand the maximum current.

AC277V   10A;

AC125V   12A;


Storage environment


Temperature: 1085

Humidity: 20~90R.Hnon condensing




Operating environment


Temperature: 1060

Humidity: 20~90R.Hnon condensing


Communication Interface

Communication between the main control board and reader

RS 485


Communication Parameter

RS485 Setting Parameter

Communication Rate: 9600Bps

Data Bits:8

Check: NON

Stop Bit:1



Read Card Time

The response time of normal operation after swiping card for elevator



Delay Time


Elevator can be operated during the delay time.




Record Size

Operating elevator record




Principle and Structure

   ADEL elevator controller consists of main control boardswitching power supplyreadercard and other accessoriesAccording to the settings in the hotel management softwareCard in this system has master cardforeman cardmaid cardfloor cardguest card, variety cards with different floor permission.

The elevator controllers do not communication with central controller of elevator itselfThere is no direct mutual controlIt’s function is to control the elevator floor buttonsTherefore, all the original security features of the elevator itself is not affected 

            Under normal circumstances, switching power supplymain control board are installed on the elevator car top, reader installed in the elevator carCardholder swipes card when using the elevator, the system selects specified floor by card privileges  


Wiring Diagram               


Mifare card elevator controller wiring diagram


    Installation Instruction

    Reader PANEL CUT-OUT

    Reader Outline


Installation Effect Drawing


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