• Box Turnstile

    Auto-reposition function: After card read, passengers don‘ t pass within regulated time period, turnstile will be locked automatically
  • Barrier Gate

    Integrative machine core, all parts is made by mold, so all parts can be more accurate and so the barrier gate could be much more stable.
  • Hotel Lock

    Material stainless steel,5-Latch American standard lock case (ANSI)
  • Middle Range Reader

    1m proximity distance reader (Erfid08Z)
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Remot Pagar Swing

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Remot Pagar Swing. Automatisasi Pagar atau Garasi tidak semata-mata untuk pagar sliding atau geser. Tapi tersedia juga Mesin Pagar untuk jenis pagar swing atau Kupu Tarung.

Produk Mesin Pagar Swing ini sangat andal dan hampir tidak ada keluhan berarti sejauh ini. Inilah yang menjadikan kami semakin yakin untuk memasarkan Motor Pagar Swing ini pada customer yang budiman.

Jangan Ragu, Tidak harus membeli mesin pagar yang lebih mahal, fitur yang tersedia juga sama dengan mesin pagar yang lebih mahal lainya.

Berikut data teknis untuk Mesin Pagar Swing ini:







Supply voltage:



Power of motor:



Rotational speed:



Rod's running speed:



Rod's max travel:



Max leaf length:

3m x 2


Max single-leaf weight:



Environment temperature:




Protection class:




 In case of power failure,release the clutch easily,and operate the gate manually.

 Stop acting when gate meets with obstacle.


 Control box :



Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz


Transformer:24V 150W


Accessories max loaded: 24VDC 500mA


Max load: 2×80W/24VDC


Environment temperature: -20~+55


Protection fuse: 10A


Running time protection: Adjustable



Auto closing delay time: Adjustable

 Controlling single or double-leaf



   is optional.


Protection class: IP55

 24VDC back-up battery can be input.


 Installation Project












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atau Whatsapp: +628123158767 juga bisa visit www.autodoorgate.co.id

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